Bye, Promised-Roundabout@Blogger
Shifted to XINTIAN@TUMBLR, see you there!

Blogger or Tumblr?
Hi lol, just thinking if I should abandon Blogger and shift to Tumblr? I like the layout at Tumblr and it's kind of cool, can upload videos/ audios/ texts/ quotes/ images/ links/ chats.

^ Click to take a look.

C'mon opinions please haha.

Can't wait for volleyball and badminton tomorrow. :)

Finally done with MEP Higher Music O's Essay final draft. Ahh I've no idea why but I pin a lot of hopes on this essay. Maybe it's cause I really put in super a lot of effort lol.

Ok I'm going to do my homework now but in the first place, what's there ah? It feels like I've got no more homework for the rest of the year after I've completed my essay final draft lol.

Oh no haha, 4 days to word-setting O's 1st round! Scary.

K bye, actually I don't know what's the point of this post.

It's a kind of inexplicable love :)
During brunch just now, we were all gathering around our round dining table, eating and joking and watching TV. Mummy asked what time I was going out and I told her 2.30, so she said, "你们两个出去了,剩下我们两个的二人世界". Aww so sweet haha!

So I started teasing Daddy Low and Mummy Low, telling Daddy to bring Mummy out on 31 August for a romantic candlelight dinner; well it's their 17th wedding anniversary! Hehe I wonder if he will. Nah actually I think we'll have a simple steamboat dinner instead, celebrating Daddy's 55th and their 17th together. Anything's fine, but I kind of want to see Daddy bring Mummy out for candlelight HAHA!

The family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another's desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together. -Erma Bombeck

If you have not bothered to read the above wordy paragraphs, this is the gist of the post: I LOVE MY FAMILY! ♥ It's a kind of inexplicable love.

Alright, have taken enough break, back to MEP Higher Music Essay! :)

Josquin Desprez and the Renaissance Motets and Masses
Wow, didn't realise I haven't blogged since Tuesday!

School's been great this week, with just a couple of :( stuff but I guess 90%'s been great. :)


5 more days to MEP word-setting O's, 1st round! Honestly I'm kind of panicky about it cause it's unseen poems and I gotta try to remember the entire poem within that half an hour and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to remember it. But it's k! We've done all the practices and preparations and things will turn out fine. :)

I think I'm turning into such an MEP freak lol. I was doing my MEP Higher Music O's Essay on "Josquin Desprez and the Renaissance Motets and Masses" till I fell asleep at 10+! Ohnoz too early. Kind of confident about it after I knew of the grades some people got for drafts (which was rather surprising) so go go go XT! You can do it. :)

Hillsong Australia - Mighty to Save

Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to save,
He is Mighty to save.

Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave.

Ahh I love this song. Just making use of a few notes, they were able to create such an impressive impact. Niceeeee! ♥

Alright, I said I was an MEP freak, so bye to this space and hi to essay. Can't wait for cell today! :)

We lost our brains and I've got childhood kthx.
School was tiring but fun today haha. Lol I did a lot of crazy things in class and haha, Han Ying (as usual) thinks I lost my brain. It's so fun teasing her and Vincent hahaha! Toilet trip with Xiao Wei was STUPID!!! Haha most noob person man... Can't elaborate or she'll be so embarrassed hehehe. :P

Haha! Went Mrs Tan's with Jia Hui and LOL I was telling her about the funny things in class and she mistook Person A for having xxxxx when I was talking about Person B and C!!! Ok never mind I think only she'll get it haha!! I've got childhood kthx; I suggested going to the playground to play for 5 minutes cause we were too early. In the end we played for 6 minutes and she could do some crazy pull up (which is like... -.-) and I did split in public. Lolllll crazy girl! Hahaha. ♥

Oh Mrs Tan kind of praised before during word-setting class HAHA thanksssss ah! :D Hahahaha felt like heaven. -.-


Look at my handsome boy!!! Detective Conan. :)

Okay bye, I'm going to own Chem test tomorrow!!! ._.

Badz :D
Badminton today was superrrrr! :D I love Mondays for PE and badminton hahaha. Super fun okay! Laughed a lot also. Badz with Xiao Wei is just sooooo hilarious.

Lol, so the new concert mistresses for the Year3 squad's out. I've got quite a lot to comment but I don't know how to phrase it / where to start from. Eh never mind. It's just... Not a good arrangement, honestly speaking. Lol good luck and have fun?


Anyway Daddy Low's super cute! He was looking at I-have-no-idea-what and suddenly:

Daddy Low: Aiyo Michael Jackson!
Sherman: 那个已经死了!
Daddy Low: 他没有穿裤子啊?!


Haha bye I'm hungry and Chemistry r0x miiE lyF!!!

Every Breath that I Take
So we got to know our new groupings yesterday, and I'm with Isabel, Vanessa, Gideon, Reuben, Aloysius, Elias and Freddy under Ernie, Shawn and Hui Ling. The other group's got Grace, Rachel, Canice, Joanne, Clement, Joshua, Kaye, Samuel and Joseph under Elizabeth and Yan Sen. Seems pretty interesting, wonder what's in stall for us haha. :) But still, kind of reluctant about the cell splitting. :(

Have not started studying for Chem test which is on Wednesday, am kind of argh about it. I spent my entire weekends on PW product and piano. Still, I think I'll die on Wednesday for piano. Argh. ._.

One thing good about tomorrow is that we'll have 2 hours of badminton tomorrow! :D Ahhhhh egg-cited!

Gays and Laughter :D
I'm dead tired now but I want to blog about today!!! Class today was so so so super fun cause of the 2 gays around me! :D

Disclaimer: The below rubbish are all nonsensical and don't make any sense. Good luck and have fun. ^^ Oh, all are contributed by Dr. HY Low. HAHAHAH.

1. I have blue black disease.
2. We all lost our brain today.
3. Some of us had brain infection.
4. SM G.C.T. HAHA, Tong!!! (Tsk this is er, politically not so right so yeah.)
5. Salt is soy sauce.
6. Hello Panda is Pocky.

Oh yeah haha, Mr Teo wanted to show us an image of the "world's biggest battleship". In the end, THAT PHOTO WAS SO SMALL ROFL ROFL ROFL. Haha what an irony!! And Chemistry practical was TITRATION TODAY and my results were super accurate CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! :D

Good job XT, you've survived 2 out of 3 days of Mrs Tan! The worst will be tomorrow, GO GO GO!!! Lol.

AND, watching "国记交易所" with Daddy Low is the besttttttt! :D Super funny hahaha.

Can't wait for lunch with Thiri tomorrow. :)


2 Hours of Badminton! :D
PE was fabbbbb to the max today! ♥ Played badminton for 2 hours straight cause the first hour was PE and the second was recess + lunch so we just stayed on to play! Thanks and sorry to all who played with me cause I kind of don't play well. :/ Still, it was super duper fun! I'm gonna look forward to every Monday LOL. :) (Oh the lessons on Mondays are very slack too lol.)

^Lol, don't you think this guy looks like Mr Tan Tui Gee?
Well, other than the belly button showing.


Oh yes I downloaded Detective Conan Movie into my iPod and watched! Ah my iPod's so cool hahaha. I finally took it out to charge after more than half a year of abandoning it! Thankfully it still worked haha.

Alright tomorrow's the most hiong day of the 10-days timetable lol, having all examinable subjects tomorrow, plus word-setting class at Mrs Tan's after school tomorrow. Lol, jiayou!

For The Time Being
The leaders broke the news to us today that our cell was going to split in 2 weeks' time. The atmosphere kind of changed almost instantly (at least for me it did). It felt like something was breaking.

For the time being, I wish everything remain as they are. How nice things would be if everything could remain at status quo.

(And as for you, I think this time it's really the end.)

I like the weather now; it's almost about how I feel.

How about a countdown? 19 days to MEP word-setting 'O' Level (1st round). Good luck and have fun. -.-

On a happier note, Daddy Low and Mummy Low are gonna treat me to Western food tomorrow. :) Having chicken cutlet or chicken/pork chop I suppose. ♥

They're aging. Their white hair's multiplying by the days. They are no longer as agile and strong as before.

What will happen next? :'(

Tough, Tough, Tough
Life's been tough man. Have been extraordinarily tired the past few days..

Something funny from my funny tong zhuos haha.

Last week (a week after Michael Jackson died)...
Vincent: What's the latest news?
Han Ying & XT: Huh?!
Vincent: Michael Jackson died.

Yesterday (after receiving zao bao containing some news about Michael Jackson)...
Vincent: Michael Jackson died ah?

Haha he's so retarded man. Oh and we've been depleting Han Ying's mint sweet. Addicted le haha.

I stayed in school until 7 yesterday, to mug and attend BSP lesson and go for Mrs Tan's. Reached home at 9+, had dinner at 9.30 wow. :O Almost fainted man.

Ah yes, Mr Lu (Han Lin) is by far the best and most interesting Chinese-related teacher I've ever had. :D

Hahaha I'm soooo happy now! Just came back from IKEA with Daddy Low, Mummy Low and Sherman! :D

Super fruitful trip haha. Bought the stuff I needed for PW creative product (wow I'm super 经济) and ate my favourite hotdog bun! Wahahaha super happy. I love going out with them haha superrrr Daddy and Mummy! We were gaying around IKEA and it was soooo funny haha gays!

Some spastic kid told me on MSN that IKEA = I Kick Everybody Ahh!!! Hahahha sounded soooooo funny haha!

Finished watching Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (whatever's uploaded) and am watching Vampire Knight now. Kaname and Zero are super shuai seriously hahahahaha. Lol haha tried mugging Math (Integration) for a while but hmm, a bit phail. :/

Oh yeah, 东方之珠's last episode today! MUST WATCH. :D Yay haha.


Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo!!!
A bigggggggg thanks to Jerrold Cheng for helping me find the anime "Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo!!!" online haha!

Ok but it's your fault, I'm quite hooked to it. -.- LOL.

Yay IKEA tomorrow, hotdog bun here I come! :D

All Hail -.-
Crap I just realised there's like 3 or 4 tests next week? All hail papers! :D

Ok bye I r nerdz. 8-|

(Carpe diem)

Alone's Okay
School was kind of emo today; a lot of unpleasant things happened. Maybe it's the classic "waking up on the wrong side of the bed". HCL was great though, and EXCO high tea with teachers was kind of good too. Subway Melt's very yummy. :D

Something I learned about myself today:

As I grow up, going school/home alone becomes okay.

In the past, I used to think that people who go to school alone are anti-social / emo / sad etc. Now that I'm sixteen, I've grown out of that. Many people and things have changed and nothing's like before. In fact, everything's so different. It's what you call "miss those days".

Yup, alone's okay. :)

Shall sleep real early afterward and wake up super early tomorrow.

Funny Incidents
School has been really funny haha. Sitting with Han Ying and Vincent's superrrrrrr fantastic. :D

1 Visited the "Good News Cafe" with Han Ying on Tuesday during lunch. I ordered Hotdog Delight while she wanted to get Apple Lattice. BUT, she thought my Hotdog Delight was gonna fall off so she UNINTENTIONALLY ordered "HOTDOG LATTICE". Hahahah.

2 Our dear Miss Low Han Ying happily packed her bag at 12.15pm thinking that it was 1.15pm already and she was preparing to rush home! Everything was in her bag already and her table was totally WOAH, clean. HAHA, in the end she emo-ed (haha) for the whole of Chemistry cause it was 空欢喜一场, hahahaha.

3 I wrote "IV" for a question about cadences in a practice test paper during MEP today hahah. Wth, so much being an MEP student rofl! Haha, like that sure score A1 for MEP O's de. -.-

4 Jia Hui's ball ROLLED to Miss Lin during MEP today hahaha. My goodness haha!!!

5 Han Lin thought "Mandinka" was a region of India when it's AFRICA. Haha epic phail!

How can school not be fun? :)


Paris & Milan at 8pm just now was fabbbbb as usual haha. Love the show!

Ok I'm going to sleep early tonight. I love sleeping. :) My pink bed ftw LOL. :D