Suddenly dawned on me that I'm stepping down from band in 6 days' time. Okay maybe not suddenly, but still, 6 days' too soon. Wonder how life will be like without band after 6 June..

I feel like going overseas, to Australia perhaps. Perth or Brisbane would be nice.

I feel like having grilled chicken all of a sudden.

Ah k bye. -.- Got to be a good kid and get some work done before GDOP.

Oh yes, I'm kind of excited about GDOP. :)

It's interesting how one can get so drained from music lessons. Really really really tiring. And the funny thing is that my eyes are the most tired. -.-

ANYWAY. Open House today was kind of boring. Weather wasn't so good but booths were really nice, and our sound at the foyer was just woahhh. :) Good thing about today was that I saw people I wanted to see and yup that marks the start of my holidays (if it is considered so), not bad hmm. :D

Ok, so holidays' here, so is holiday homework. Let's see..

-ACE essay
-Biology Year 3 revision paper
-Biology past year EOY paper
-Biology blog project
-Chemistry papers (I haven't got my stuff sorted out but there's quite a few)
-MEP 12-marks essay
-HCL 应用文
-HCL 作文
-Math (a lot, but not updated on moodle yet)

Have a feeling somehow that I missed out some stuff. Ah but yeah that's all for now I guess.

Let's take another look at my first week of holidays, indeed very interesting.
-30 May (today): Open House + lesson
-31 May: GDOP
-1 June: Band camp
-2 June: Band camp
-3 June: Band camp + lesson
-4 June: Band camp + SC camp (staying overnight)
-5 June: SC camp
-6 June: Rhythm XXIII

YO. :D K I know people are going overseas and all and more days are taken up but yeah I genuinely hope I can finish. Yup I will work hard! Go XT! :D

Ahhh yeah. This was what the guys got for me. :D Exactly the same just that mine's in D. Pretty hmm? :) Hee thanks!

Oh yes, I need to pack my room, or desk and bed in particular. I've been sleeping on a bed that is piled with mountains of books and papers for a couple of days already. Quite comfortable actually. (-.-)

Finally the last day of the semester. :)

Birthday was great. :) Thank you to alllll who remembered. :D The coolest gift I received was the harmonica from Jia Ying, Terence, Wei Jie and Xingqi. Thanks cool kids! Haha. Dinner with Daddy Low, Mummy Low and Sherman Love was just fabbbbb. :D Love them to the maxxx. ♥

Got back report book today, grades were okay. Scored better than I estimated, but deproved quite a fair bit from last year. It's okay, there's still 70% to buck up! I CAN DO IT! :D

Open House tomorrow, then lesson (again). Really drained now. Good night!


Currently am doing MEP essay... Hmm, going to spend the first hours of my 16th birthday doing MEP, how awesome haha. Probably am not going to sleep already, ahhh.

Can't wait for dinner! :D

Ok bye! :)

HI HAHA today was greattttt too!!! :D Must be cause it's my birthday week LOL. o.O

Got back Bio test, WOOTS I did really well, 27/30! :D My gosh haha, I'm finally passing Bio test LOL. -.-

Ok, got to rush a lot of things immediately after this.
-MEP Essay (12-marks)
-MEP Essay (O-Level Higher Music final draft)
-History file

OKAY THAT IS A LOT ALREADY. BYE. If you see me online, please talk to me to make sure I don't fall asleep!!!


(3 more hours! :D)

CIP today was great! :D Had a lot of fun and learnt some stuff as well. The popo I looked after was soooo nice. Throughout the entire 2 hours, she said less than 10 kinds of sentences to me, such as "Not bad", "Very good", etc. But when we had to leave, she said "I love you!" to me!!! Hahaha. :D

Lunched at Marina Square's Food Junction with Han Ying after that, was kind of funny hahah. Spent about 4+ hours at Esplande Library afterward. Wow it was soooo fruitful! Didn't finish my essay there cause my computer ran out of battery and I was kind of hungry too (needed dinner). So yup, came home. :)

^Don't you think this picture is SOOOO artistic? LOL. Renaissance music ftw.

Got to dedicate all my time after dinner to finish up my MEP homework. Haha, good luck XT.

2 more days, can't wait! :)

HI HAHA SCHOOL TURNED OUT GREAT TODAY. 8D Jia Hui says I am having "Monday pinks" while she's having "Monday blues" LOL. Get the joke? Ok never mind hahaha.

CIP tomorrow, so not going school yup, going Clementi. Good luck 4C! :) Hopefully we won't meet difficult elderly haha.

Gonna spend my entire afternoon at the Esplanade Library tomorrow afternoon; staying there till I complete my MEP essay I guess. I hope it'll be fruitful lol. It NEEDS to be.. Haha. Probably will be trying to source for stuff like this one below:

My teeth hurts real badly now. I tried to put on my retainers and I managed to kind of force the upper one in, but the lower one is totally... Oh man. :( Noooo what happened to you, my dear teeth? LOL. :O

WOOTS 3 more days! :)

Just came back from CIP at Tampines MRT station with the 2 kids haha. Really enjoyed myself with Jia Hui and Ru Meng.

Had a great time:
-Smiling at kids (hehe pedophiles),
-Rapping "Hi, good morning Sir/Ma'am, would you like to make a donation for Sri Lanka? Thank you!" (I can say that REAL fast now alright)
-Lunching at Pastamania (woots yummmmmy)
-And most importantly, being dao-ed. (-.-)

Yup haha, conclusion: I am a pedophile. LOL.

Alright bye, off to do some work, but I guess I'd probably end up falling asleep..?


五月天 - 突然好想你

最怕回忆 突然翻滚绞痛着 不平息
最怕突然 听到你的消息

事到如今 终于让自己属于我自己
只剩眼泪 还骗不过自己

突然好想你 你会在哪里
突然好想你 突然锋利的回忆

为什么你 带我走过最难忘的旅行
然后留下 最痛的纪念品

我们 那么甜那么美那么相信

突然好想你 你会在哪里
突然好想你 突然锋利的回忆

最怕回忆 突然翻滚绞痛着 不平息
最怕突然 听到你的消息

最怕此生已经决心自己过 没有你
却又突然 听到你的消息


Counting down: 5 days.

Today was a happy day! :D

Got back HCL, fabbbbb, 40/50! :) Yay. Oh yes I'm gonna pass Bio test, I'm quite sure. Got back MEP mid-years too, scored better than expected? Yup haha.

Clinched 4th place among the cohort for interclass volleyball for girls. Great job 4C!

Volleyball with 4C (Nien-An, Liying, Xiao Wei, Kai Li), Keith and Zheng Hui after that was really fun (and funny) hahaha. Yay for 4C! :D Did I say I really like the new class tee? I LOVE IT!!

One more week to my 16th! Cool. :) Oh yeah but there's still MEP LOL. o.O

Okay bye I'm having History project discussion now haha.

During LA today:

Mdm Arfah: 4C, is Nicky as innocent as he claims to be?
Kimberley: He is as innocent as he is HANDSOME!

HAHAHA my goodness, everyone ROFL... Haha.

Yeah yay I like the new class tee! :)

Crap why am I such a pig. :( Wanted to sleep from 9.20 to 10 but woke up at 11.20 instead lol.

Made to top 4 for interclass volleyball. Great job 4C! :D

9 more days to birthday. Haha unusually excited. At least, more excited than I was last year. :)

Okay I think I have a lot of things to do now BUT WHAT?! Gosh k bye I'm still in lalaland..

P.S. I am not gong off to sleep; DO WORK LAH. Haha. What a pig. :O

Yay week 8's over whee! Many things happened; on the whole was kind of happy the entire week I guess.

Tests are all over and Biology's postponed to this coming week cause level camp's cancelled and week 8 was too packed. Not looking forward to getting back report book though; know I've not done well for this 30%. Will definitely work much harder for the remaining 70% cause I'm hoping to score at least 3.6 for EOY (inclusive of +0.2). Doesn't sound very great but yeah 3.6 and I'd be very happy haha.

Oh yessss finally received the year book 2008!!! :D Very pretty and impressive haha. But they (I have no idea who) chose a 3C'08 class photo that I didn't look so nice in LOL. :( Hahah.

Went for Interclass eventually; glad I did. For the first time I felt I was of some value in sports LOL! Played for only a minute or two for the first match with 4L (lost 21-25) and the entire second match with 4H (won 15-25). Good job 4C! :D

Movie marathon was kind of great; movies were good though I slept throughout Dark Knight and half of Stardust. Caught Enchanted, Step Up I and The Parent Trap. Liked Step Up I the best. :) Woots Big Breakfast @ Macs with Ru Meng after that was fab! :D

Decided to wear flats for the first time of my life yesterday LOL cause I've left it there for more than a year already. I didn't buy it though; a gift from somebody. But so much for trying to be slightly more lady rather than wearing flip flops; got myself a gigantic blister (which burst in the end) at the right heel, ouch.

^ A example of flats. Mine was metallic bronze LOL.

Moral of the story: Be a man, do the right thing. :P HAHA.

Birthday's coming in 11 days on the 28th this month, haha. Cool. :)

Have to get down to proper homeworking now, or they won't be done haha.

I slept from 8pm to 5.30am last night. :)

I think I slept too much; I was kind of tired in class today lol.

But I still agree, SLEEP IS GOOD.

Don't you think he's hot? :)


I love you. ♥

Ru Meng: 昨晚下大雨把我吓醒
XT: 昨晚下大雨啊?! 我一觉到天鸣...
Ru Meng: 这就是人和猪的分别!

HAHA Ru Meng wth. -.-



Pig's so much more adorable than the girl right? Knew it.



Oh no, hi week 8.
Hi ACE test.
Hi HCL test.
Hi Biology test.
Hi MEP word-setting prelims.

WOOOOOOOOOOOH this is great. Gonna sleep after 93.3's 罐头剧场 "2009" finale. Yay it feels good to know that you are sleeping lol.

Oh yeah volleyball today was really fun. :D

Slept at 11pm, woke up at 2am, WHAT IS THIS?! LOL.

Bad bad bad. -.-

Tomorrow's a very very very important day.

1 Math CT: Oh noooooooooo. :(

2 MEP mid-year practical exam: ARGHHHHHHHH. :(

3 DHSSB SENIOR HIGH SYF!!! All the way, seniors! We love you. :) 军乐队一家人!

I miss Mrs Wong. :(

Oh yeah level camp is cancelled, sigh. :(

My goodness, there's four :( in this post and only one :). Zzz okay bye.

Supposed to wake up at 9pm but WELL, being the usual me, I woke up at 11pm. A lot of nice people attempted to call me but I don't know why I totally did not hear my phone ring, not even my own alarm. :X

OK this is bad. -.-

Haha ok, slept enough already, shan't sleep later. Or at the most, 1+ hours? :)


School was kind of disappointing today. Reached school at about 7.10 to play ball, but the rain was just so heavy. Argh. So was looking forward to PE since the rain kind of subsided I guess? But oh man there was Principal's talk on the updates of the Influenza A (H1N1), SO THERE GOES PE. Finally got to play during recess/lunch but wasn't fun..

Yeah. I asked my mum if she thinks I'm addicted to ball and her reply was, "很好啊! (Very good!)" Lol, adorable Mum haha.

Oh yeah, cause of H1N1, level camps seems as though it's gonna be cancelled. :( Sigh. I hope they won't cancel level camp cause I'm really looking forward to it lol.

Ok, I'm very sleepy but there's stuff to do. Bye. :)

A new skin I editted for the past 20 minutes. Should be studying Differentiation and doing Integration assignment but I can't look at numbers anymore. Lol, I may dream of Differentiation soon..

Looking forward to school tomorrow, gonna play ball yay.

OK bye, going to eat watermelon then back to Math, yo.

I can't wait for level camp @ Kota Tinggi.

Cell group celebrated the May babies' birthdays today: Ernie's, Kaye's and mine. I think Kaye's cool; he's got the same birthday as me haha. Thanks Grace for the awesome cheesecake, and cell for the laughter. :)

I wonder how my actual birthday on the 28th will be like. I just wish my entire family will have a decent dinner with me, enough. People say one's 16th birthday is the sweetest, how great will mine be?

All I know now is that I need somebody who's willing to let me just hug and cry. My heart feels like it's being pierced a thousand and one times over and over again. It's tearing apart.

Bye. For once, I really think life sucks.

I'll still go to school on Monday with a smile on my face.