Today on my way to Mrs Tan's place, I was walking along this road along many houses. I was supposed to turn in somewhere after the bus stop but I continued walking. Just kept on walking..

I wasn't doing anything; I merely walked and walked and walked.

Ok that's all I wanted to say. :) I'm very amused by myself.

And I am very tired. Yes thank you.

Today's a really significant day I guess.

Year4s' last investiture today. My first time putting on a tie pin.. Kind of like, an inexplicable feeling. Looked at my dear Year2s (especially my super dear Aunty Wei Lee) today and realised it's my first and last with them; felt kind of :( but oh well. IA has been a really fun department till now; and yes, HI LOVELIES, AUNTY HOD SHERMIN LOW XIN TIAN MA'AM LOVES YOU ALL. :D

I was so super glad when Stomp for the 2nd session was way better than expected.

Good job SCs; thank you for making the Year4s' last investiture so memorable and great! ♥

Band was special.. The Year1s came in and euphoniums finally got a guy: Nataniel (and yes durh a girl) and Maranda. Wow there's THREE tubas!!! Er, Ngee Siang, Shao Hong and Bryan. Yup! (Good memory; thank you thank you!)

And yes I got a new phone and IT'S HOT!!!

Sony Ericsson W595 (Cosmopolitan White)

I'm quite happy now. :) I feel very excited. I am a good girl.

Kk bye haha!

我很怕, 真的真的很怕..

Knew of some things that seemed unbelievable... Shall just take it as it is and try my best not to believe; don't want to change views towards this person.

Tomorrow's investiture, jiayou SCs. :)

Ah yes, my entire body's still aching very badly. :(

Thursday's recess was :'( , though it was a really good day. I felt so lost and was absolutely like this:

Zzz, I've been crying too much these few days. Bad.. :O

Oh yeah, I told my dad I was going to sleep early on Thursday but HIS IMMEDIATE RESPONSE WAS: 不要骗我啦 (Don't bluff me)! LOL I slept at 11.30!!! Accomplishment okay. :)

Anyway, MY ENTIRE BODY'S ACHING LIKE ARGH. Band yesterday was manual labour manxsz.. Old already. The guys yesterday were quite :D lol, finally had some manly essence diffusing out LOL LOL LOL. Good job BOYS. :)

(For all these last times, give it our all please.)

:) I am going to sleep earlier today LOL.

Today, we went to a place where brought back everything from the past. And all of a sudden in the hall, so many things resurfaced. Jiayou! :)

So on the whole, today was quite a good day. Saw people I wanted to see, spoke to people I wanted to speak to, had fun with those I wanted to, etc. Oh and got back HCL test, wooh my most satisfying piece of Chinese work till now, 40/50. :D Kind of proud of myself to have been so lucky to get 20/20 for summary writing LOL. Yes that's half of the total. -.-

S.C.H. was interesting. 'Truth or truth' with Jia Hui, Samantha, Ru Meng, Elizabeth, Jin Kai and Gavin was fun haha. Our tone was like wow in the hall.. I am becoming nervous.

I like my sexaye euphonium.

(Six more days, just six..)

Got a new pair of shoes today. :) Thank you Daddy Low and Mummy Low! ♥ Sherman was probably over the moon cause he got TWO pairs haha. I love my new shoes! SEXAYE PAIR OF NIKE. :D

Oh no, Peh Jun Jie's too noob. He suddenly made me very sad by telling me he most probably can't attend investiture cause of competition. :'(


Jiayou SC for investiture. :)
Jiayou DHSSB for SYF and Rhythm XXIII. :)

My last for all three: investiture, SYF (Junior High) and Rhythm.. Everything's moving too quickly.

I'm gonna sleep earlier tonight. Woohoo!

林俊杰&蔡卓妍 - 小酒窝





Nice song. :)

Anyway, happy (belated) valentine's/ friendship day!

That feeling is slowly returning.. :)

Hi, hello, good evening. (I didn't know you mattered so much.)

Han Ying said Longan has a nice smile. :)

(I think I thought too much.)

Mr Kiw told us a very funny joke about "OMG" and "Obama" during CME today haha. I like his CME lesson! :D

Blog-hopped a bit and out of nowhere, this unique tinge of worry kind of overtook all my previous happy/relaxed/positive emotions all of a sudden. Undoubtedly, some things are really worrying. I want to do something about it; but I have no absolutely no idea how and contradictorily, I don't feel like being part of it at all. Some histories are not desirable in any way and are definitely not anticipated to be repeated.

But for one thing I know, I'm slowly losing that most important factor already. Hi. :(

我的快乐 会回来的

Oh, the History essay's very worrying cause I really have no idea how to go about doing it, haha.

School's going to be very awesome tomorrow, I hope. :)

What an ambiguous post.


Today was quite a happy day for some unknown reasons. :)

Haha, I suddenly found the Seven Dwarfs vvvvv adorable. :D


Hi. :)

School's been alright.. Really shagged though. :O Been having on and off dizzy spells LOL. My face and ears turned red for no reason just now when I reached home. o.O

Man, I wish I'm either totally alright or sick enough to take MC. It's terrible to be neither here nor there.

Some stuffs' a bit worrying. Ugh.

But anyway, I'm quite happy. :)

I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SKIN SOON. Starting to find it too empty. :( Heh.


I merely gave the eggs a turn and one cracked like OH NOZ! :O

I thought I was an expert in cooking hard boiled eggs..

Hee. :D

Yay cousins cousins cousins coming soon but noooo my homework's :( I HAVE TO FINISH FAST SO THAT I WON'T BE AN INTROVERT IN THE ROOM TONIGHT.

Haha yes, they're gonna eat the eggs I cook HAHA!! Good luck. :P